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Our Services


We advise extensively in the area of property management both through our own direct service and in conjunction with chosen partners that are very active in certain areas. This service involves conducting analysis of the running of an estate, putting together a service charge budget, collecting service charges, liaising with members of the management company, organizing for delivery of the service, dealing with insurance of buildings and conducting AGMs and completion of accounts. This service includes all the additional services that might be relevant to any one site depending on the special requirements of that site.

We also provide a specialised lettings management service. This concentrates on the landlords requirements to quickly let a property to a suitable tenant and then maintain that relationship with the tenant throughout that tenants occupation of the property. This ensures that the property is let at all times if possible, it is kept in good condition, that rents are paid up on time every month and also if there are repairs or requirement of the tenant then these matters are dealt with in such a way as to reduce the time required by the landlord for their involvement with the property in question.

We also provide a service that combines both services in circumstances where an individual or company owns or controls a group or block of properties. This service creates value for the client where we let units, manage the blocks and manage the lettings all together and in having an in depth knowledge of the property and being present there on a regular basis means that we can provide value in presenting a joint fee which recognizes the synergy of such a large level of involvement in the property.


Information about Building Energy Ratings (BER) Assessments Building Energy Rating (BER)

The most significant development ever for energy conservation in Ireland. What is a BER?

It’s a certificate that states the energy efficiency of a house or other building(valid for 10 years. Who needs to have one?

From January 1, 2009, anyone selling or letting a house or other building in Ireland must have a BER. What is the legal situation?

You can be fined if you don’t comply with BER requirements. Estate agents will decline to sell or let a property that doesn’t have a BER. Will a BER save me money?

If you apply energy efficiency measures to a building before or after getting a BER, you will save a considerable amount of money over time. What are the penalties for not having a BER when required?

€5,000, applied in the District Court. What does a BER look like?

The BER Certificate looks like the sticker you might see on fridges or other electrical equipment, rating the energy efficiency on a colour-graded scale, from A1 (most efficient) to G (least efficient). We also supply a report, detailing where improvements can be made. We Are Here to Help.

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